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How to Find Scholarships for Study Abroad

This article provides students with a list of directories of financial aid, much of which can be used to fund study abroad experiences.

Federal Financial Aid Options for Study Abroad

This article explains the different Federal Aid options available for funding study abroad. Federal Aid can help you fund your study abroad experience through grants, loans and scholarships. Marketplace - Financial Aid

This article provides information about study abroad financial aid (study abroad loans, grants, scholarships or work-study) that may be available to students that qualify.

Financing Your Study Abroad Trip

This article covers three of the most popular methods for financing a study abroad experience. 

Study Abroad Tips

Have you made the decision to study abroad but you don’t know how to prepare? We’re here to help! Use these study abroad tips to help you prepare for your trip, be safe and stay smart while traveling.

FAQs on Travel Documentation

In order to be fully prepared and informed before heading abroad, it’s important to be familiar with the policies of the government you are traveling to and from. We’re here to answer your questions, curb your concerns and get you studying abroad safely!

Studying Abroad in France

A student shares her thoughts on her decision to study abroad in France and some tips for what not to do.

Germany: A go-to destination

Germany is a go-to destination for students trying to make a decision about where to go abroad for many reasons. It’s a country so rich in history that is centrally located in Europe for easy weekend trips and is infamous for excellent beer. What more could a college student want?