So you want to study abroad. Whether you hope to spend a summer or a semester exploring an exciting international city, spend a whole year in a new country, or even earn your degree at an international university, living and studying abroad might be an experience that sets you apart from the pack. And the adventure of a lifetime. But what if the price tag is a little daunting? Is your dream of the international life just out of reach? Not quite! Here are five possible options to consider to help you figure out how to pay for studying abroad.

This article covers three of the most popular methods for financing a study abroad experience. 

This article provides information about study abroad financial aid (study abroad loans, grants, scholarships or work-study) that may be available to students that qualify.

This article explains the different Federal Aid options available for funding study abroad. Federal Aid can help you fund your study abroad experience through grants, loans and scholarships. 

This article provides students with a list of directories of financial aid, much of which can be used to fund study abroad experiences.

This article shares advice and tips for saving money while studying abroad, while still seeing all the sights a study abroad student may wish to see.

Study abroad funding is all around you. You simply have to open your eyes, engage your creativity, and ask for what you want. The following article offers ideas for funding your studies abroad.

This article describes study abroad grants and gives some ideas of where students can find information about grants to study abroad.

In this article, we show you some of the hidden fees associated with studying abroad and how you can pay for them.

This article provides information for students who are looking for scholarships and help funding for their trip studying abroad. The article provides advise on what students can do when applying for scholarships and how students can take steps in applying for financial aid.