8 Quick Study Abroad Tips

Have you made the decision to study abroad but you don’t know how to prepare? We’re here to help! Use these study abroad tips to help you prepare for your trip, be safe and stay smart while traveling.

1. Register your trip abroad 

This informs the local embassy of your being abroad and will help you in the event of an emergency in your home country or the country you are visiting. Be smart. Travel safely.

2. Stay a well informed world traveler 

Investigate the local conditions, laws, legal system, weather, and culture of the country you're visiting. Also, keep an eye out for any Travel Warnings at the U.S. State Department's website.

Make copies of your travel documents and identification, carry a copy of each with you (separate from the originals) and leave copies at home. Travel smart! Learn more about travel documentation here.

3. Do your homework.

Study abroad tips


Learn about the museums, sites and landmarks in your destination before you go. Soon you'll be able to explore them all on foot and see for yourself!

4.Stick together.

Reluctant to travel overseas by yourself? Consider studying abroad with a close friend. Although study abroad is about stepping outside your comfort zone, you'll still get your share and in good (familiar) company.

5. Pack light and smart.

When packing, make sure you've checked your airline's luggage restrictions! And to save lots of room, use travel sized toiletries (you can always buy the regular sized once you get there). 

Skype In considering your communication options abroad, you should seriously consider getting a Skype account, if you haven't already. The cost is only $10 for international, pay once and you're good to go!

6. Keep a journal.

Either you've already thought of this one or you find it cliché. But take it from us; it's a fool proof way to remember all of your adventures abroad! (And it'll be fun to read through later.) Read more hints.

7. Set a weekly budget.

Money spending in a foreign place can easily get out of hand with the change in currency. Be smart about your spending, and set a realistic, affordable budget for yourself to keep track and stay in control!

8. Get an International Student ID Card (ISIC).

Use it as soon as you land at the airport for commission-free foreign currency, then show it while enjoying restaurants, museums, movies and other sightseeing adventures for discounts! The best part? You can use it when you get home too because it's internationally recognized.