Wondering if you should study abroad? GO FOR IT!

Do you want to study abroad but you don’t know if you should? I had
the same thought and at the end, I’m glad I did! The process can be long
and complicated because of the application requirements, scholarship
hunts, constant study abroad office visits, and research, but TRUST me,
at the end it’s worth it. I’ve always been the introverted girl pampered
by my family, but after I turned 20, I decided to step out of New York

Coming Soon, Judy's Updates

Judy who is an Accounting Major and Photography Minor is Junior at
Baruch College. This is her first time traveling to Korea and although
she has no knowledge of the Korean language, she is excited to embrace
the culture and language, and see how this experience will change her.
 For the trip she will bring along her 35mm film camera, her slr camera
and her digital camera to capture every special moment and to document