Pizza Hut in SEOUL!!!!

When i walked passed a Pizza Hut franchise in Sinchon, the ads caught
my eyes. The pictures of the pizza looked very fancy and different from
the States, so i decided to give it a try. In the restaurant, you don’t
have to shout or wave at the waiters - instead, you press the a small
button on the table to call for them. When I received the menu, i was
overwhelmed with choices. There was way too many types of pizzas to

School life in SEOUL

While all of my friends are on spring break back in New York, I’m
working hard for my 4 classes which are consisted of Korean Language
and Culture, Korean Beginner I, Marketing, and Production Management.
Schools in Korea usually starts school a month later than in New York,
so students here don’t have spring break vacation. BOO!