Travel opportunities for the post-grad wanderlust

By Bonnie Bottner

Did you fall in love with travel during an undergrad study abroad program, or is it something you’d wish you’d done? Wondering what option is right for you, right now? Read on for a variety of any-time-of-your-life travel opportunities.

Gap Year Programs
Gap Year is a period when people take a time out (though not necessarily a full year) from a traditional school environment. Gap Year Programs (with options in over 50 different countries) are tailored to meet your goals—whether they are to work or study abroad, volunteer, or travel and experience another culture.

Graduate School
Done with your undergrad and ready to continue your education somewhere a little more… unknown? Graduate School options give you the opportunity for growth as you pursue your Master’s or Doctorate degree, using diverse methods and incredible schools of thought you may not be familiar with in the States.  

Language Programs
Parlez-vous français? No? If you’ve ever wanted to learn French, or any language for that matter, Intensive Language Programs offer a plethora of choices—who knows, if you travel somewhere such as Belgium or Switzerland you may just come home knowing both French (from your studies) and German (from the locals)!

TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
Put your English skills to work! Live abroad while working and have the best of both worlds: a new culture to enjoy with a little money in your pocket. Check out TEFL Programs to see where your new profession may land you.

General Travel
Longing to travel and looking for a great excuse? According to Harvard Medical School, the leading way to keep your brain sharp as you age is mental stimulation. Studying in another country is one wonderful way to get those cerebral juices flowing… How’s that for healthy reasoning? Studying abroad is actually doing your brain a service.

Bonnie Bottner has a B.A. in English with a concentration in Communications from the University of Tampa. She has worked in marketing and communications for over ten years, and has taken continuing education courses at Georgetown University and College of Notre Dame of Maryland.