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Oxford, England is synonymous with scholarship. Students and scholars since the 12th century have been drawn to Oxford for its engaging culture, challenging intellectual pursuits and rich social life.
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Spring Break, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

Oxford, England is synonymous with scholarship. Students and scholars since the 12th century have been drawn to Oxford for its engaging culture, challenging intellectual pursuits and rich social life. The Brockport Oxford Program is one of the oldest and most respected of the many study abroad programs in Oxford.

The University of Oxford has no traditional campus. Instead, the University is composed of 39 colleges many of which are arranged in medieval quadrangles.At the heart of the genuine Oxford experience is college membership. The Brockport program students are associated with New College. Despite its name, New College was founded in 1379. It is one of Oxford University's three "grand colleges" which is a reference to the grandeur of its buildings and grounds.

Oxford, the city is concentrated into an area approximately five square miles. Within one square mile of the city center, there are 600 buildings of historical and architectural interest alone. Students will find that commuting from their residences to their colleges is fairly simple by using Oxford's extensive bus network or renting a bike: the predominant mode of travel in Oxford. Students will also find that Oxford will provide them with plenty of opportunities for recreation and socialization. It is easy to spend more than one day exploring the Ashmolean Museum, walking in the famous Botanical Gardens, or punting the Isis. For those students that somehow run out of possibilities in Oxford, it is only a 50-minute train ride to Victoria Station, located in the city center of London.  

While on The Brockport Oxford Program, each participant has membership at New College, for social and recreational purposes. This is not an academic, matriculated student status within either New College or the University of Oxford and an Oxford transcript will not be issued.


Program students will be housed together in either co-ed or single-sex (dependent upon the number of students) residences in neighborhoods convenient to the University and to the High Street- a common neighborhood for students to live in is the Jericho neighborhood which is quite popular with students and is convenient to shopping, bus routes, parks and other areas that students will commonly need access to.  Students typically share bedrooms (double-occupancy) which come equipped with linen, standard bedroom furniture and individual closet space.  Students have the use of a modern, well-equipped kitchen and ample living space.  Oxford University is spread out over several miles and as mentioned above, is made up of 39 colleges.  After traveling by bike, bus or by walking, students are encouraged to do as much of their work as they can at the College and in the libraries in order to facilitate having a true "Oxford experience".  

Student Life

Program participants are able to choose from over 300 specialized clubs and societies, including sports of all kinds.  Since you will be able to join different clubs, you will be responsible for any fees involved (if applicable).  However, we encourage all students to enroll as a member of the Oxford Union (Debating) Society, one of the oldest private clubs in England.  It has an excellent lending library, a bar and a dining room.  Students will also be added to an 'associate student activities listserv' which will inform you of various events throughout the term that you can take part in. And of course, program participants will have access to the world-famous Bodleian Library which is the main research library of the University of Oxford.  The Bodleian (affectionately called "Bodley" or "The Bod") is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and in Britain, and is only second in size to the British Library, the national library of the United Kingdom. 

Additional Program Information

Junior or Senior 3.3 GPA in Major Required Demonstrated ability to do upper-division work in subject chosen