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API offers programs in Edinburgh and Stirling, Scotland as well as Harlaxton, Leeds, and London, England. Students can engage with the multiculturalism and thriving art scene of the UK's cities as well as enjoy the history and culture of the countryside.
Harlaxton, United Kingdom; Leeds, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Stirling, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

API programs are available in two culturally and historically rich Scottish cities – Edinburgh and Stirling. Edinburgh serves as Scotland’s contemporary capital and is home to a thriving arts and culture scene. Stirling is an ancient capital of Scotland and offers students the opportunity to live in a true university town, mid-way between the major centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh. A wide variety of courses are available to students during the semester, summer, and year. Experience all that these cities have to offer and study abroad in Scotland with API!

Scotland has seen many centuries of high-quality learning and is recognized as being one of the most inventive nations on Earth. Scottish breakthroughs include the first ever cloned mammal (Dolly the sheep) to the telephone, television, and penicillin. So if you want to learn in the home of some of the most inspiring and enquiring minds, then Scotland is the place for you. Scotland is friendly and safe and combines a strong sense of its own identity with a multicultural community spirit. Dotted amongst spectacular landscape are lively cosmopolitan cities with vivid and varied art, sports and social scene.

In addition, API offers several universities in Harlaxton, Leeds, and London, England with amazing study abroad options. Immerse yourself in your British studies in an authentic English Manor at Harlaxton Manor (think Hogwarts meets Downton Abbey!). Pursue science, literature, or business at the University of Leeds. Participate in an internship while taking international relations courses at the University of Westminster. Rub shoulders with elite students from around the world at the London School of Economics. Take a variety of courses at one of the oldest American campuses in London at the Florida State University London Study Center. Or, perhaps take courses at one of the top 25 universities in the world – University College London!

As a visitor, you can pick your favorite slice of “Englishness” and indulge yourself in a country with a notorious taste for nostalgia. The tales of King Arthur; the works of Shakespeare; the exploits of Drake; the intellect of Johnson; the invention of Brunel; the leadership of Churchill; the cult of Diana – all are endlessly recycled in England, providing a cultural backdrop to an unparalleled range of historic buildings, monuments, and landscapes.

Of course, this isn’t anything like the whole story of England. For every tourist who wants to stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace or visit Stratford-upon-Avon, there’s another who makes a beeline for the latest show at Tate Modern or the cityscape of downtown Manchester. Contemporary England has a richly multi-ethnic culture. Famously, fish and chips gave way some years ago to chicken tikka masala as the country’s favorite dish showing how the English increasingly embrace a continental lifestyle. Enjoy a fried English breakfast or a Devonshire cream tea by all means, but notice the locals at the next-door café-bar tucking into a croissant and a cappuccino.

Setting Description:
API has a diverse array of locations in which programs take place. Harlaxton College, for example, is situated within its own 300-acre estate with parkland, woodland and a lake in the small charming village of Harlaxton, while Leeds, the fastest growing (and 3rd largest) city in England, attracts students, travelers, and businesses with its culture, commerce and cosmopolitan atmosphere. London, an international center of business, fine arts, design, theater, technology, politics and finance, has inspired creativity and cutting-edge innovation for centuries, and Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, is not just a historic city, it is also forward-looking, the seat of the Scottish Parliament and boasting a vibrant cultural scene of live music, performing arts, galleries and museums and plenty of buzz. Stirling, on the other hand, is the ancient capital of Scotland, laying at the heart of the nation’s history and linked to two of its best-known heroes, William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce.
Pre-departure, On-site, and Re-entry services included, such as advising and online resources, airport reception, resident directors, housing, tuition, tutoring, medical & life insurance, excursions, social & cultural activities, alumni network, Learning and Engagement Badge Program and more!

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API awards approximately $500,000 in study abroad scholarships annually ranging from $250 -$1,000 per student.