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Are you an animator of the future? This course combines an introduction to the creative and technical aspects of animation with information about today’s industry.
Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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You will work on top-of-the-range equipment including high-end workstations with Nvidia Quadro graphics cards and Wacom Cintiq HD Touch tablets, and use TVPaint to create a simple storyboard. You will also learn how to add sound and music to an animation, and how to direct your character for the screen.

Following an introduction to the history of 3D animation, you will be set a project to develop an animated character and accompanying narrative. Your time will be split between working in the animation studio on your project, and hearing from guest speakers or visiting places of interest that inspire professional animators.

After studying this course, you should be able to combine new idea generation and research skills with your knowledge of Maya software, and understand the different types of jobs available to you in the animation, gaming and visual effects industries. You will gain an understanding of what companies look for in a CV, and have the confidence to present yourself and your show-reel to potential employers.

Setting Description:
Join the University of the Year 2017, 2018 and 2019 and attend a world-class summer school programme! Our Global Summer School is a fantastic opportunity for you to study and live in the UK whilst making friends from across the world. There’s over 25 courses to choose from, available for two, three or four weeks, so you can create your perfect Summer School.
1100 GBP. 990 if you apply and pay before 31 March 2020

Additional Program Information

You should have an interest in animation, graphic design or video, and have the required English language skills.