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Arcadia in London is an affordable and innovative way to study in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe – and one of the most popular cities for study abroad.
London, United Kingdom
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

Discover the world in London!

London has everything! It’s well-connected by transport, offers millennia of rich history and cultural treasures, has a population that is highly multicultural, diverse and inclusive, and offers an almost inexhaustible array of activities and resources for every kind of student. It is helpful to many that it is officially English-speaking, but it is also one of its great strengths that English is only one of dozens of languages you’ll hear spoken there.

Arcadia Abroad has had a continuously operating program in London since 1965. Generations of students have been transformed by our unique blend of site-specific curricular offerings, comprehensive student services, and individually tailored guidance. All these decades of student interaction have taught us that no two students are alike, and we’ll work with you and your goals.

If you’re a seasoned traveler, great! We expect you to attend all required programming and check ins, and to respond to us promptly in emergencies. Otherwise we’ll respect your independence and be there when you need us. If you need help finding your feet, also great! We’ll provide as much support as you need in your classes and in life. No matter what kind of student you are, you will transform in London, and return to the US with a view on life and the world that will do wonders for your future.

Arcadia Abroad has worked with both local faculty and partner institutions in London to create an array of Center-based and direct enroll courses to enable you to take what you need while abroad to satisfy major requirements and graduate on time. You can choose to study within a familiar American university system by taking all your courses at the Arcadia London Center, in the heart of the city. Or, you can mix our courses with electives chosen from a select group of  London partner institutions.  If you'd like to add an internship option to your study, check out the London Internship Program.

Program features:

Arcadia London Center faculty and staff are pros at navigating London – and soon, you will be, too.

Arcadia excursions, events and activities bring the city to life, live and in person.  We offer a reading week break mid-semester, during which some students choose to travel independently.

Travel to fascinating places of interest that enhance your cultural immersion and give a meaningful context to your academic courses. Here is a sampling:

  • Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • Tower of London
  • London Street Art Tour
  • Hampton Court Day Excursion
  • Keats House
  • and more...


Arcadia is a nationally recognized leader in higher education, offering exceptional study, research and internship experiences for students from colleges and universities across the US. Our unique combination of customized, diverse academic programming and comprehensive support allows students to explore new worlds, get to know themselves, boost their resumes for future job opportunities and graduate school, and experience the incredible growth and shifts in perspective that a culturally immersive experience can deliver.

Setting Description:
London and its extended suburbs have a population of 7.2 million people and it is one of Europe’s most densely populated areas. You'll encounter people who represent many ethnic backgrounds and language groups in this truly international city; the contributions of this extraordinarily diverse population are reflected in the variety of ethnic restaurants, the range of musical styles to be heard, the vibrancy of the neighborhood street markets selling everything from didgeridoos to African drums to the more traditional British antiques. Travel to fascinating places of interest that enhance your cultural immersion and give a meaningful context to your academic courses. Here is a sampling of Arcadia's Excursions - for a complete list, please visit our website. ·      Harry Potter Studio Tour ·      London Street Art Tour ·      Hampton Court Day Excursion ·      Rugby or Football Match ·      and more...
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Additional Program Information

2.5 GPA - Recommended 2.3 GPA - For Consideration
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Every dollar helps! Check out our website for different funding sources for study abroad...