Do I Need to Know a Language to Study Abroad?

If you’re looking into study abroad, you’re probably thinking about noshing on gelato in Italy, tapas in Spain, dulce de leche in Argentina, or stir-fry in China. But what happens if you get there and can’t speak the language…even just to say hello? Here’s a little insight on knowing a language vs. attempting to learn a language while abroad.

What's It REALLY Like to Study Abroad? Expectations vs Reality

Before I left home to study abroad in the south of France, I had certain expectations of what my experience would be like. It’s normal to think about how something as exciting as studying abroad will play out, and I’m sure you will imagine aspects of your time abroad, just as I did.

Here are some study abroad expectations vs reality that you might experience when you go overseas.

Go Unknown: Why You Should Study Abroad in a Non-Traditional Destination

When the majority of our students think about studying abroad, their minds automatically go to Western Europe. In fact, some of CEA’s most popular destinations are Spain, Italy and France. However, having studied abroad in a non-traditional country (Morocco), I can tell you that it was most definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.