While for most of us 2020 has been a year of canceled plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CEA Study Abroad has been continuously innovating and preparing for students to go abroad again and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of studying and/or interning abroad, with the safety of students remaining top priority.

CEA has developed several new opportunities for students to take their education overseas. Check out some of the brand-new programs starting in 2021 that you can apply for today and live like a local while furthering your degree!

Tropical Marine Biology in San José, Costa Rica

Find yourself captivated by Costa Rica’s natural beauties and rich biodiversity! The Tropical Marine Biology Field Study program is designed for students of all language levels who are interested in exploring topics in Marine Biology in Costa Rica, a renowned leader in the field of environmental conservation. You’ll have the unique opportunity to build understanding of the region’s tropical characteristics, marine ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental issues through field trips and fieldwork.

Methodology includes online coursework that begins prior to traveling to Costa Rica, as well as fieldwork once you arrive onsite.

Submit your application before September 30, 2020, for this December-January program!

Summer Math & Engineering Program in Prague, Czech Republic

Are you a STEM major looking to explore a historic city while diving further into your field of study? CEA recently unveiled their newest program, Math & Engineering (the instruction of which will take place at CEA’s brand-new Prague Study Center).

You’ll study engineering and math amidst the backdrop of centuries-old bridges, cathedrals, and church spires. Prague is also home to a rich modern culture filled with public art and whimsical architecture, and an inspiring intellectual community. Opportunities will abound to apply concepts learned in class to real-life examples in this historic city. Elective courses are offered at the CEA Study Center and/or Anglo-American University.

In this program, you can choose to take 1 Engineering course, 2 Engineering courses, or 1 Engineering course and 1 elective course from the social sciences or humanities program.

Take your math and engineering studies to the Czech Republic next summer apply before March 15, 2021!

Granada Hybrid Online & Onsite Study Program

As part of CEA’s continued commitment to flexibility and innovation in their study abroad program structures, they’ve unveiled a new offering in Granada, Spain: for the Spring 2021 semester, students can choose to take their courses onsite in-person, or in an online/onsite hybrid model. If you opt for the online/onsite hybrid coursework, you’ll start your selected courses online for the first several weeks of the program and then travel to Granada in early February and continue your coursework in person for the duration of the program. Hybrid program options include: Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Arabic Cultural Studies, Study + Internship, and Spanish Language & Liberal Arts.

Browse CEA’s programs in Granada and apply today!

CEA Study Abroad offers a range of study and internship abroad programs to align with your major and career goals. Find your dream program and submit your application!