For 23 years, CEA Study Abroad has provided academically and culturally enriching international education opportunities -- preparing students for successful career paths, and broadening their perspectives as global citizens.

And we’re forging ahead on that pledge to students this year.

A key benefit of study abroad is the opportunity for students to hear perspectives from different countries and cultures, and to then compare and contrast those to their own experiences. In a fresh approach to facilitating cultural exploration and global education for students, we're excited to unveil Virtual Study Programs beginning in the Summer & Fall 2020 terms, as well as Virtual Global Internships that will set students apart in a career readiness context once they graduate and enter the job market.

Summer & Fall Virtual Study Programs

For our Summer 4-week programs (July or August), students can take either one or two courses. For the Fall semester (12 weeks, with the option of an Early Start that adds four weeks), you can choose anywhere from one to five courses, and can combine it with a CEA Virtual Internship Abroad. Depending on your course selections in the fall semester, you can earn between 3 and 16 credits. This is a great way to gain a unique international perspective on courses you may already need in order to graduate.

One of the many benefits of taking a CEA Virtual Program? You can mix and match your courses, no matter where on the map they originate (and where your instructor might be located). That means you can take an Italian Mafia course (Rome), Haute Couture (Paris) and a globally-focused Supply Chain Management course, right from where you are. Go global, stay local.

More perks of our summer and fall virtual study offerings:

  • Handpicked faculty are experts in their fields, giving students access to one-of-a-kind content and deep expertise that can’t be replicated
  • Leveraging a virtual environment which will set students up for success in a digital workforce
  • Includes cultural engagement activities so students can connect to CEA’s amazing locations around the world through this online community
  • Virtual lecture series throughout the program allows students to engage with experts around the world and dive into relevant, global topics and themes
  • Virtual program participants are eligible for up to a $1,500 discount off of a future study center program in 2021!

Virtual Global Internships: Fall 2020

Through a CEA Virtual Global Internship (which can also be paired with a Fall Virtual Study Program), students can gain valuable résumé experience, build a global professional network and expand their skill set while staying local.

Offered across 10 cities in eight countries around the world, CEA’s Virtual Global Internships will allow students to boost their career path -- and these opportunities cater to a wide range of majors, including business, journalism, finance, arts, public relations, marketing, communication, international relations, among other fields.

Why Choose a CEA Virtual Program?

Today’s interconnected world calls for a truly global education, and CEA’s unique offerings give students the well-rounded experience they need in today’s workforce, with the added perks of interesting courses, global experts guiding them through content and themes, cultural engagement activities, and flexibility to select courses that are global-minded, highly engaging, and that keep you on track to graduate.

CEA Virtual Program Application Deadlines

  • 6/1: July 4-Week Virtual Study
  • 7/1: August 4-Week Virtual Study
  • 7/1: Fall Semester Early Start (16 weeks)
  • 7/13: Fall Session I Virtual Internship (6 weeks)
  • 8/1: Fall Semester (12 weeks)
  • 8/21: Fall Session II Virtual Internship (6 weeks)

Learn more and apply today for a CEA Virtual Study Program this summer or fall, and explore Virtual Global Internships to set the stage for career-path success.