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French Riviera, France

“Studying in the French Riviera was the best choice I have ever made. Since being here, I have traveled to so many different cities and after spending three days in a busy, touristy area, it truly feels like home once I get back to Antibes. It is a good size city with so much to do, with a beautiful climate and rich culture. It is also a 20-minute train ride each way to Nice or Cannes, very big cities in the South of France, giving you even more exposure in the relaxed French culture. The CEA coordinator and fellow group members feel like a family and it is always fun when we get together for excursions or weeknight events. It’s also very easy to get to and from the airport to travel while studying here. I traveled almost every weekend, of course determined by finances and school schedule, but this program was very good at promoting weekend travel and our coordinator was always willing to help with planning or giving tips for each city. This is an experience I will never forget and I will only ever speak highly of this program and country!”

- Kathryn

Alicante, Spain

Studying abroad in Alicante with CEA provided me housing in the middle of a laid-back, beautiful city with a rich history and endless things to do and places to explore. This is a great city to experience the Spanish lifestyle without being overwhelmed by a big-city pace and atmosphere. The university teachers love what they do and as a result, they have engaging classes with relevant assignments rather than busywork. With an excellent, quite simple public transportation system both within and outside the region, traveling up Costa Blanca could not be easier. My stay in Alicante gave me the time to get to know myself and discover what really matters in life, and the people I met taught me valuable lessons which I wouldn't trade for anything.“

- Holly

Prague, Czech Republic

“I have nothing but amazing things to say about this program. Not only did it change my life, I had experiences and made friends that are incredible beyond words. CEA does an excellent job of preparing, hosting, and supporting your entire study abroad experience. From excursions to helpful staff members, loaning travel books and providing fitness activities, they make your experience in Prague extremely well-rounded and allow you to integrate into the community like a local. CEA stands for Cultural Experiences Abroad and their programs are different from those of other providers because of their emphasis on the cultural experience. My apartment, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by local Czech neighbors, was one of my favorite aspects. Not only was it a place to call home each day -- it was a way that I felt fully rooted in the community of the culture. Prague is a perfectly central location that makes travel to and from quite easy. Being landlocked, bus and train land travel can be done quickly and affordably. The city itself is very inexpensive and perfect for a student. Because it is further east, it attracts fewer tourists and allows students to feel like an actual citizen rather than a visiting tourist. Through daily interactions with people on the trams, local staff in the CEA office, and students at CEA-planned activities, Prague quickly became my second home. I marveled at the city’s incredible contrast of natural and urban beauty, found around every corner. I developed respect for the culture and enjoyed getting to know the Czech Republic’s reserved yet genuine people. I will never eat meat and potatoes without thinking back to my semester full of hearty, homey Czech cuisine. I’m thankful for my teachers and international classmates who challenged me academically through the diversity of ideas in the classroom. I could write pages on why my experience was incredible and if you're reading this, I encourage you to start your application for the CEA Prague program NOW!”

- Eliza

Aix-en-Provence, France

“I loved studying abroad in Aix. It's such a beautiful city with a strong history and breathtaking architecture. The center is very walkable and accessible. The Cours Mirabeau is the most iconic promenade street where a market takes place in the morning to mid-afternoon. On every corner, you can find amazing, ornate fountains of all shapes and sizes. A fun way to get acquainted with the city is to walk around and find as many fountains as you can! These fountains can then serve as rendezvous places or points of reference so you don't get lost during the first few weeks. What I loved the most about living in Aix was able to experience life in Provence. Through CEA excursions, I was able to discover many beautiful, small villages nearby that show the calm, rural life in various areas in Provence. One of my favorite experiences was visiting the village of Trets during their garlic festival. We were able to dance and interact with the locals, which really helped with language acquisition. These small villages are hidden wonders. Aix's wonderful program advisers have very detailed handouts explaining transportation to several of these villages, their history, and things to do and see. If they do not have a handout for a specific location, they will go out of their way to help you research. I really enjoyed my language course because I was in such a diverse class, which gave me such a distinct experience. There were students from at least four different countries, from youth to middle-aged students who were all there to learn French for different reasons, not just to study abroad. It made me open my eyes and feel even more grateful for the amazing opportunity and choice to study abroad. I felt at home with my host family. By the end of the program, it was very hard to say goodbye.”

- Andrea

Dublin, Ireland

“I studied abroad in Dublin at an international business school right in the city center, and it was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I lived about a 20-minute walk from school, so I was able to see and experience the city every single day, and the community at school and in my apartment was amazing. I didn't think city living was for me, but Dublin has an amazing sense of community for a capital city, and I fell in love with the country and the culture. CEA took us on some amazing trips, and the staff at the school were incredible. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to have the experience of a lifetime while also getting great, hands-on education.”

- Brianna

Madrid, Spain

“I am so grateful for the time abroad with CEA in Madrid. After hearing about some other students' experiences with other programs, I think CEA was the best choice for me personally. The CEA Madrid team was good with communication from the very beginning, which always makes the experience a lot easier. They always made it clear that they were available for us whenever we needed. It was also really cool that they included some planned activities for us as well, both inside and outside of Madrid. I lived in a homestay, and would definitely recommend it. My homestay experience was amazing, and have only heard good things as well from others in my program who lived with a Spanish family. Another recommendation is to do the early start program if you can! It is a great way to not only get to know the CEA Madrid staff better, but to explore and get to know the city before the regular semester starts. The extra month is worth it. SO thankful for my time abroad in Madrid, and I hope to come back soon!”

- Noelle

Galway, Ireland

“How do I even begin to write a review about the program that changed my life? For a while, I struggled to choose between Ireland and England for my study abroad experience, but once I discovered online all the beautiful places in Ireland, I had no doubt in my mind that it was meant for me to go there. I don't even want to think about how different my life would be right now had I not decided to study in Galway through CEA. I've become a happier, more independent and grounded person. I solo traveled, made amazing friends and memories through my CEA housing placement and learned to focus more on myself and what is right for me. I knew that I was meant to go to Ireland, but I initially didn't know where. Once I finally decided on Galway specifically, I felt no sense of regret nor indecision, which isn't usual for me, as practically the most indecisive person ever (according to others and myself). I didn't think that going to Europe would be possible for me, but I was accepted as an exchange student and received some scholarship money, so I would advise other interested students not to let finances discourage you. Also, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I would highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity while you have this chance!! CEA was extremely helpful and considerate during my time as both a student and Mobile Journalist through this program. Thomas, the on-site director, will also be in Galway to welcome and assist you, and he will remain there for you throughout the program. There is so much that I could say about Galway, but the main reason why I chose it is because I wanted to go to a place that is both lively and community-centered––and I really made the best decision by choosing this program. I intend on returning to Galway someday, possibly even to live there again. Actually, it will be the European Capital of Culture in 2020, which sounds like an amazing time! You will never find yourself bored living in this small city, and I predict that you will fall in love with this place, just like I did. To me, Ireland is not just a place to study abroad for a few months, then leave and return to your usual routine. This is a destination for life, and it will change both you as a person and your perspective on everything in incredible ways. I didn't think that I would actually be able to go to Ireland, but now I cannot imagine my life without having lived there, which I can now say from my own experience is truly the most beautiful country, in terms of both scenery and humanity.”

- Kelsey

Barcelona, Spain

“This was, by far, THE best experience of my life. Barcelona truly became my home, even though I spent such a short time there. CEA really helps you, not just academically, but also provides helpful insights about Spain, as well as fun trips/excursions to other places in Spain. The classes I took really helped me understand Spain's culture and gave me a new outlook on how similar we all are. I came into the program not knowing anyone, because I wanted to get the most out of this experience and step out of my comfort zone, and it was the best decision I've made. I met amazing, like-minded people with whom I shared the best experiences, traveling throughout Europe and throughout Spain. Traveling between countries is very easy, which was great, because I was able to travel to Paris, Rome, Milan, and Greece, as well as other parts of Spain. If you're given the chance, Barcelona is the place you need to go.”

- Jonathan

Rome, Italy

“Choosing to study abroad in Rome with CEA was definitely a great choice! The CEA staff prepared a nice and fun orientation, which explained their expectations for the semester, how classes and excursions would work and also gave the students several housing and safety tips. I would like to point out their housing choice because I was very positively surprised by it. The apartment I stayed in was very modern, clean and organized. I shared it with five other girls and each two had their own bedroom. The kitchen came with basic utensils and for our first few days in the city, the CEA team provided a “Prima Spesa” (First Shop) with pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, etc., for us to cook and have our first "family" meal together while getting to know one another. Additionally, I really liked the Photography class at CEA because it incorporated in-class workshops with outdoors classes, which allowed students to practice their photography skills in several different environments and also get to know their study abroad city. I would recommend this program for students who want to get out of their comfort zone, visit new places and make friends, but who still want the possibility of being in contact with the American environment, since classes are taught in English and the majority of the students are Americans.”

- Gabrielle

Seville, Spain

“I loved the city of Seville. I chose it somewhat randomly and it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. It is definitely my favorite city that I have been to in all of Spain. The culture is rich and there is a vibrancy and freshness that you won't get in any of the biggest cities in Spain. The size of Seville was perfect for me, too -- it is perfectly described as a medium-sized city. So, there are always things to do but it will never overwhelm you. If you decide to study in Seville, I would definitely recommend CEA. My favorite thing about CEA is the size of the program. There are 80 of us total who are here through CEA, which means that I've gotten to personally know many of the other students in my program. I have met study abroad students who were here with other organizations who have told me that there are hundreds of kids in their programs, so they hardly know anyone. The small size of the program also means that you get more personalized attention from the staff. They are seriously so accessible. My housing situation has been amazing. I am in the option called ‘Casa de Sevilla’ and have had an amazing experience with my host mother and the housing situation itself. The CEA Center itself is really beautiful; I love taking classes there. Between that and the local university I take one class at (UPO), I have had a good academic experience as well. CEA provides lots of great organized travel excursions included in the cost of the program. We have been to two different cities and even another country through the program. Here in the city they also provide cultural excursions, such as going to a flamenco show or setting up programs to meet local Spanish students. Basically, if you're choosing between programs, I would highly recommend CEA.”

- Delaney

Paris, France

“CEA is a wonderful program and I am so glad I was able to go abroad with them. They help you with the entirety of the application process and have guidance for your pre-departure process, making everything a smooth and less stressful process. As for the actual experience, I was always welcomed by the staff and they incorporated a wide range of opportunities to further enhance the Paris experience. The cultural immersion was brought to the program and they also took the students on a wide range of activities in order to gain more cultural insight. The classes were challenging but not overwhelming, and the professors were always willing to help. Overall, the staff made the program much more fun; they were organized and overall amazing in aiding my study abroad experience. 10/10 would recommend and I would do it all over again with the same program.”

- Melissa

Florence, Italy

“This program was nothing short of incredible. The entire staff was so supportive and helpful, from pre-departure to alumni status. They were really friendly and provided us with many opportunities to get involved and experience the local culture outside of our regular classes. The classes were engaging and incredibly relevant to life around us. My favorite was an art history class -- I could walk around Florence, look at sculptures and architecture, and really know what I was talking about! The professors know that you spend a lot of time enjoying the city and traveling, and they take that into account when assigning coursework. I highly recommend exploring this program option -- you will get support and a well-rounded experience that you won't get anywhere else!”

- Nikki

Granada, Spain

“I absolutely LOVED my time in Granada with CEA. The city is amazing, the courses were interesting, and the whole CEA team made the transition from America to Spain so easy! CEA also does a great job of incorporating cultural activities and weekend trips into the program -- we got the chance to go to the Alhambra together, visit Seville and Córdoba, and see a flamenco show, among other activities. I also lived in a homestay while I was there, and I had an amazing experience -- CEA definitely did a great job matching host families to students. Finally, the classes and professors were great, and my Spanish skills improved so much during my time there. Overall, studying abroad in Granada was the best decision I've ever made. I met so many incredible people, became a confident Spanish speaker, took spontaneous trips, and made amazing memories -- and I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone!”

- Megan

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Studying abroad in Buenos Aires with CEA was the most transformative experience of my college career. The city is unlike any other; it is always hustling and bustling with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. There is always something to do and something to learn. The onsite CEA advisors, Julieta and José, were incredible. They were so helpful and fun to be around, from helping us navigate the city to planning amazing trips such as Iguazú Falls! The classes offered at the Universidad de Belgrano provided a unique opportunity to learn about Latin America from a local perspective. I took my classes in Spanish and I can't believe how much my language skills have improved since living in Buenos Aires. My host family was so friendly and helpful as well. I would absolutely recommend studying abroad in Buenos Aires with CEA to everyone who is looking for an immersive and transformative experience!”

- Theresa

San José, Costa Rica

“I studied abroad with CEA in Costa Rica in the Spring of 2018. My program was three months long and was an incredible experience. I was able to stay with a host family, travel the country, and take relevant classes for my degree and minors. There was a wide variety of course options that were super interesting and unique to Costa Rica. I took classes such as Tropical Ecology and Ecological Photography. I met people from across the U.S. that I still keep in contact with today. The support I received from CEA while in San Jose was amazing. We had access to the CEA offices there, where we would work on projects, hang out with friends, and cook lunch. My Spanish abilities also improved immensely while I was there and helped me become more comfortable speaking it conversationally. Overall, I wouldn't change my experience at all. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and CEA will help you experience it.”

- Savanna

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