Haifa, Israel
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Business, Education, Medical, Psychology, Social Sciences

Program Overview

Setting Description:
Haifa is the ideal urban setting for a vibrant academic center. Located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is marked by an exciting multiculturalism. Long known for its ethnic and religious tolerance, life in the city offers its inhabitants and visitors alike a mosaic of cultural events: concerts, theater, museums, clubs, cafes and beaches of the golden Mediterranean coastline. Being the only liberal arts university in the north of Israel, the University of Haifa attracts students from cities, towns, and villages from the surrounding areas, as well as students from other areas who want the opportunity to experience Haifa. The university is a world class research institution with internationally recognized faculties and a diverse student body of over 18,000 students.
Application Fee: $80 Program Fee: $4000 Dormitories: Single $900 Double $640 Add-on: Course in June $1500 Add-on: Language Course in August $1280