Beijing, China
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:
The University at Albany's study abroad option at Beijing Normal University allows students to immerse themselves in the Chinese language and the Chinese culture by living in this vibrant neighborhood located in the north central of metropolitan Beijing. Students can take Chinese language and related courses that are designed for international students at different levels. Students who are fluent in Chinese can take regular university courses that are taught in Chinese.

Students with no or limited background knowledge in Chinese can choose to take Chinese language and related courses that are designed for international students are different levels. A placement test is administered to all international students, except for those with no language background in Chinese, who plan to take Chinese language classes before students can register for classes. Beijing Normal University recently added some English taught courses. You are welcome to take some if you want. Please keep in mind that some of those courses are graduate level courses so please choose wisely. It is suggested by Beijing Normal University that you take no more than 2 English taught courses on top of the Chinese language courses that you take. Please visit the website for more information on the English taught courses available at Beijing Normal University. Students who are fluent in Chinese can enroll in the regular university courses that re taught in Chinese. Beijing Normal University offers 55 undergraduate programs. For more information on Beijing Normal University's course offering in Chinese, please click here (the website is in Chinese).

Albany hosts a general orientation session on campus during the semester prior to participation on the program. You are encouraged to attend if at all possible. The program in China begins with a required orientation program. A Chinese language placement test is administered to all students except those with no knowledge of the Chinese language, and course registrations are finalized.
Setting Description:
Beijing, with its broad avenues and large government buildings, is the site of many famous monuments to China's past, which are within a short day's excursion from the city. Beijing Normal is located in the north-central part of Beijing. At present, BNU has 22 schools, 6 departments, 14 research institutes and a number of research centers, and offers 52 undergraduate programs.
Our goal is to make study abroad as affordable as possible. Please see our website for more details.