Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Haifa, Israel
Program Type:
Volunteer Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
Economic Development, Translation
1-3 months

Program Overview

Setting Description:
The Engineering for Developing Communities program provides a hands-on, life learning experience enabling students to apply fundamental and theoretical knowledge to real world situations. The program challenges students to approach problems with innovative thinking and provides them with multi-disciplinary tools to address a wide range of engineering and development challenges. The program introduces students to appropriate technology and techniques that can be applied to both rural developing communities setting as well as to larger engineering and environmental projects in developed countries. By learning and working as part of a team, students will hone their skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects and gain practical field experience which they can directly apply to programs and coursework back at their home universities and bring projects and ideas to life for the benefit of the overall good.

Additional Program Information

Scholarships Description:
Merit based Scholarships