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Provides you with scientific knowledge of the coastal environment and an understanding of the pressures placed on it.
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Marine Science

Program Overview

Program Description:
The MSc Applied Marine Science has been running successfully since 1991 capitalising on Plymouth's world-renowned expertise in coastal marine science. This MSc is one of the best in the country with an excellent record for employment in the marine sciences sector. The MRes option, for those who are already clear that their future lies in research, provides excellent preparation for PhD studies. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of the world's oceans as a natural resource and of their role in the stability of the global environment. Exploitation of resources such as fisheries creates environmental, social and economic problems. Disposal of sewage and effluent from towns and industry pollutes coastal waters and has a dramatic impact on their suitability for recreation. Coastal erosion and the construction of sea defence systems cause further problems that may be exacerbated by climate change and global sea level rise. The careful management of the coastal zone and of estuaries is essential if these activities are to be pursued harmoniously. There is an increasing need for skilled personnel who can advise on, organise and control the development of marine resources and activities in the United Kingdom, European Union and in developing countries. These programmes prepare you for that role by providing you with scientific knowledge of the coastal environment and an understanding of the pressures placed on it. They also allow you to gain the skills required to assimilate knowledge over a wide range of disciplines and apply it to environmental analysis.

Additional Program Information

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Financial Aid:
A good science or engineering degree. For those with no recent formal qualifications, work place experience may be acceptable.
International Requirements:
Applicants with overseas qualifications can check their comparability with the UK equivalent through NARIC, who provide an advisory service. If your first language is not English then evidence of English proficiency is required. The level of proficiency that is required can vary with the type of programme for which you are applying. For further advice on the appropriateness of overseas qualification and proficiency in the use of English, please contact our International Office. The minimum IELTS score for acceptable English proficiency for entry is normally 6.5.