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Nestled in the heart of the Haidian district of Beijing, New York Film Academy (NYFA) Beijing offers unique & intensive summer 4-week Filmmaking and Acting for Film programs.
Beijing, China
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Study Abroad
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Since 2012, the New York Film Academy (NYFA) has successfully provided unique summer study programs in Beijing and has welcomed students from numerous countries into the program. NYFA Beijing allows students to take Filmmaking and Acting for Film courses in the historic, vibrant heart of Beijing.

All NYFA programs don't just benefit acting and filmmaking students, but they also benefit students from nearly all disciplines. Our hands-on programs help students learn how to tell better stories, how to develop confidence in giving presentations, and how to be a good listener—all skills that are applicable in many aspects of academic study and for future professional pursuits.

In NYFA Beijing, U.S. students will be able to collaborate with students from China and all over the world. This fosters a creative, global environment that helps students grow personally and professionally. U.S. students on any NYFA study abroad program will not be studying in an American “bubble” like in other study abroad/year abroad programs. NYFA Beijing students will not only be creating films and productions with students from other countries who have English as second language, but will also interact with locals on a daily basis to organize their productions.

English is the language of instruction at all NYFA locations. NYFA Beijing offers a 4-week summer course in Filmmaking and a 4-Week summer course in Acting for Film. As is the case of all New York Film Academy programs worldwide, the courses of study are hands-on and intensive. From the very first day, each student works to make his/her own film, learning about and utilizing top-notch equipment. Our diverse international faculty is comprised of award-winning and internationally recognized instructors and professional filmmakers who have earned their terminal graduate degrees from the most prestigious film programs in the United States.  

The NYFA Beijing Filmmaking program is structured around the production of three short films of increasing complexity. Classes and hands-on workshops are held throughout the week and the weekends are reserved for additional classes or shooting. Evenings are spent on writing, location, scouting, casting, and editing. The fourth week is devoted to shooting and editing the final film, culminating in the final screening. As in all of our filmmaking workshops, each student writes, directs, shoots, and edits a series of short film projects of his or her own. Classes in directing, writing, editing, cinematography, and production cover the creative and technical demands of telling a story with moving images. Each week all the students’ films are screened and critiqued in class with the instructor.

The Acting for Film program allows students to participate in a short training workshop that demands full immersion into learning the craft of acting. It also provides students with a thorough foundation in acting skills, with a specific focus on acting for film. Many students find the one-month length fits conveniently into their yearly schedules. It is a full-time program. Students must be prepared to make a serious commitment to its completion. 

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The New York Film Academy (NYFA) Beijing’s programs respond to a growing number of international students who want to experience living and learning in China, where the media industry is growing exponentially. NYFA Beijing offers our acclaimed four-week workshops in filmmaking and acting for film, where students benefit from intensive, hands-on, project-based education under the guidance of working industry professionals. All courses are taught in English. Beijing is an exciting and lively city with a history of culture and power that extends back thousands of years. NYFA Beijing’s facilities are nestled in the heart of the Haidian district of Beijing, and accessible to some of China’s most famous monuments. Students will be able to use Beijing’s blend of ancient history and modern futuristic landscape as a backdrop for their films. Filmmakers and Actors alike will utilize the bustling city of Beijing to become immersed in the culture while creating their films and stories.
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