Program Details

During this program, you will work and learn alongside entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists, and engineers from around the word to develop innovations through an interdisciplinary approach.
Jerusalem, Israel
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Summer, Winter Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

The Transdisciplinary Innovation Program (TIP) is a new, cutting-edge international program that provides an intense educational experience integrating computer vision, big data/cyber, and bioengineering. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for you to develop your ideas in some of today’s most important areas of technological innovation.

Setting Description:
From the hilltop of the Mount Scopus campus, the incredible panorama of Jerusalem unfolds. Medieval maps show Jerusalem as the heart of the world. Astonishingly, it remains there: the seam line where West meets East, the First World faces the Third World, and where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet.

Additional Program Information

The program is taught in English, so proficiency in English is required. You are welcome to apply regardless of your financial status, formal education, gender, citizenship, etc. Participants will be chosen by a selection committee according to leadership skills, professional experience, and future plans as described in the application form.
Scholarships Description:
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