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This is an intensive five-week program geared toward international students. Classes are held four days a week, and you will workshop individually with a chosen faculty member once a week.
Jerusalem, Israel
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Study Abroad
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Program Overview

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This program, designed for advanced economics students, offers you an intensive preparation in key topics in economics and finance to help you prepare for graduate studies in the US and Europe. You will advance your knowledge of economics and research skills and learn how to prepare for application to the best universities around the world. You’ll learn from top Hebrew University faculty members and teaching assistants who can support you in developing a competitive application package to leading graduate programs.

Setting Description:
From the hilltop of the Mount Scopus campus, the incredible panorama of Jerusalem unfolds. Medieval maps show Jerusalem as the heart of the world. Astonishingly, it remains there: the seam line where West meets East, the First World faces the Third World, and where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam meet.
$5,000 USD. Includes housing

Additional Program Information

Admission preference will be given to international undergraduate and M.A. students with a background in economics. English-language fluency is also required.
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