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The curriculum offered on the Semester at University of Barcelona (UB) is unique and offers a wide variety of subjects that allows all students to become familiar with Hispanic culture and society. You’ll take courses alongside fellow study abroad student
Barcelona, Spain
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

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Spend a semester or year studying Spanish language and culture in a vibrant setting, both inside and outside of the classroom. On Semester in Barcelona - Universitat de Barcelona, you’ll soak up all that this uniquely Catalonian/European/Spanish/international cultural hub of the Mediterranean has to offer. Start getting excited about: Amazing street scenes and a culture that thrives outdoors - From the pedestrian street Las Ramblas, where you’ll find everything from impressive street performers to bird vendors, to the beautiful beaches, if you’re not outside in the pleasant climate of Barcelona, you’re missing out! Impressive architecture and history in a city that identifies as Barcelona/Catalonia/Europe/Spain/international – And most would agree in that order...However Barcelona self-identifies, you can’t deny its cultural and historical heritage: Barcelona is home to more World Heritage sites than any other city in Europe. There are thousand of points of architectural, cultural and historical interest, so don’t expect to see (or rather, notice) them all! Those of international fame that have left their impressive marks in Barcelona include Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Gaudí. But that’s just scratching the surface! An academic program that emphasizes Spanish language and culture - Studying Spanish in Barcelona is the best way to improve your language skills. You can also take content courses in Spanish, such as Spanish Cinema, Current Spain: Society and Institutions, Spanish for Business, and and over a dozen more. Spanish language courses are offered at all levels, with multiple sub-levels and a distinction between “grammar” and “functional” content. If you want to give you Spanish brain a rest, you can also choose from a few electives taught in English. We include fun group social and cultural activities – All CISabroad programs in Barcelona group you with all our participants on-site to enjoy social, cultural and adventure-based activities. We will take you to a Catalan cooking class, a flamenco show, and the Spanish cinema. We’ll also take you on two weekends trip in Spain, with possibilities including Costa Brava, Granada, or Madrid so you'll have a full study abroad in Spain experience. Chances are you’ll appreciate living in Barcelona more even after seeing the amazing sites in other parts of Spain!

The curriculum offered on the Semester at University of Barcelona (UB) is unique and offers a wide variety of subjects that allows all students to become familiar with Hispanic culture and society. You’ll take courses alongside fellow study abroad students from the U.S. and around the world.

Studying in Spain with CISabroad is a no-brainer! Regardless of which program you choose with us, you’ll always get the same great services and inclusions. Here are just a few highlights that make Semester at University of Barcelona unique: A curriculum that focuses largely on the language and culture of Spain Multiple levels and sub-levels of Spanish language A unique range of content courses taught in Spanish, from art to business A few courses taught in English each semester An international setting, with students from around the world in your classes Fun social and cultural activities, including movie night, cooking class, flamenco show, and multiple tours and excursions

Setting Description:
You will have no regrets studying in Barcelona! While tourists are drawn in droves by the city’s pleasant climate and appealing aesthetics, as a CISabroad student you will immerse yourself in the culture at a level no tourist could ever achieve. Barcelona is said to have one of the most pleasant climates in the world, allowing you to enjoy being outside year-round. Lounge on the beach, head for a hike in a rugged, diverse natural environment just out of town; or hunker down to people watch in a plaza. Barcelona sits on the Mediterranean Sea on the northeastern edge of Spain. It’s the second-largest city in Spain, with a city population of about 1.5 million. Residents naturally speak both Spanish (castellano) and Catalan, the later of which is unique to the region of Catalonia, Spain and a few other populations in Western Europe. Although a relatively large city, its numerous, distinct neighborhoods make Barcelona feel a lot smaller. You can turn a corner and find yourself in the cen
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