Brisbane, Australia
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Study Abroad
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Conduct independent, hands-on research at a world leader in STEM fields

Your STEM Summer Research Project at University of Queensland takes place over six weeks for six credits in the summer. With excellent facilities and laboratories, a range of interdisciplinary projects, and research stations on Heron Island and North Stradbroke Island, this program provides a rigorous and exciting foundation for critical and independent research. 

You’ll work with faculty members who will closely mentor your development in your topic area and support your academic progress.

A top-50 globally ranked university, and a world leader in STEM fields, University of Queensland has a student population of 53,000 studies in six faculties including an AACSB- accredited business school. 18,000 of its students are from a total of 134 countries. It is an institution dedicated to excellence and research. 

The campus is a  welcoming, diverse, and pastoral setting for over 200 clubs and societies, with a campus culture conducive to academic inquiry and debate.

Projects are available in the following areas: Chemistry/Microbiology; Immunology/Cancer Biology, Computer Science; Science Education; Genetics/Plant Biology/Agronomy; Genetics/Plant Science;  Insect Ecology/Animal Behavior; Epidemiology/Neuroscience;  Bioinformatics/Epidemiology/Genetics; Atmospheric Science/Environmental Science; Microbiology/Cell Biology; Physics; Immunology;  Science Education/Technology; Cell Biology/Bioinformatics; Chemical Engineering/Chemistry; Chemistry, Chemistry/Bioinformatics;  Bioinformatics/Genetics/Agriculture;  Computer Science/Earth Science; Food Science/Chemical Engineering;  Chemistry/Soil Science.

Additional Program Highlights:

  • This is a highly competitive program with limited places so please apply early to increase your chances of acceptance onto the program
  • You’ll live in self-catered apartments in the heart of Brisbane.
  • Arcadia will organize a variety of events for you to participate in, including a free weekend excursion.


Travel to fascinating places of interest that enhance your cultural immersion and give a meaningful context to your academic courses. Here is a sampling:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • The Grampians- Breathtaking scenery
  • Broken Bay- Rappel, hike, swim & campfire cookouts
  • North Stradbroke Island-Kayak & snorkel
  • and more...


Arcadia is a nationally recognized leader in higher education, offering exceptional study, research and internship experiences for students from colleges and universities across the US. Our unique combination of customized, diverse academic programming and comprehensive support allows students to explore new worlds, get to know themselves, boost their resumes for future job opportunities and graduate school, and experience the incredible growth and shifts in perspective that a culturally immersive experience can deliver.

Setting Description:
Australia's third largest city is a blend of modern buildings and classic Queenslander architecture set in a subtropical climate. With almost two million residents, you'll find a vibrant, multi-cultural lifestyle where there are plenty of events to keep you entertained whether your interests are in experiencing the outdoors or theater and music. With a vibrant central business district, beautiful neighborhoods with their own distinct character, and an active arts district along the Southbank, you'll have plenty of places to explore. A network of ferries which travel along the Brisbane River offer a great way to explore the city.
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Additional Program Information

3.0 - Recommended 3.0 - For Consideration
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