Program Details

- Creative Method - Creation of a Creative Genius
Aalborg, Denmark
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Gap Year
Fall Semester, Winter Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:
The Creative Genius semester is an opportunity for students from all disciplines and from all over the world. It is an international cross disciplinary semester with focus on creativity, originality and making an impact in your field. This semester combines theory with practice by introducing actual training of human abilities in creativity, new thinking and originality into the schedule. It is about understanding how to be creative and how to make an impact in your field, but more important - it is about training in becoming more creative, new thinking and original. We want you to become a creative genius of your field. Creative Genius is not about scoring high marks in education, mastering 10 languages, being member of Mensa or having a extraordinary high IQ. It is rather about being creative and making an impact based on this creativity.

- Creative Method - Creation of a Creative Genius