Travel with a Purpose: Sevilla


I fell in love with travel after studying abroad in Seville. I knew from my short time in Spain as a study abroad student that I had to go back to live like a Sevillano. During my senior year at the University of Colorado, I began researching ways to get back. My goal was to move abroad again and when I found an opportunity that provided me with a visa and a job I immediately applied for the position.

City & Country

“Kristin… You’re going to study abroad in a big city?? But you hate cities!” This was a common phrase I heard from friends and family in the months leading up to my departure for Dublin. They were right, I hate cities. Everything about them makes me want to squirm.


I wake up in a dark dorm room with the curtains defending me against the harsh morning light. I groggily get out of bed at 7:40 a.m. and don my gho. The gho is the men’s formal dress in Bhutan, the equivalent of a suit in most other countries. It’s almost like a robe. The colors and patterns vary depending on the situation’s formality or personal preference.